Understanding the Different Vegetarian Diets

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Vegetarianism entails a major change in a person’s lifestyle. After all, in order to stay true to its tenets, it only follows that you also stick to its regimen. However, it should be noted here that some vegetarian diets are stricter than others. This is because there are several types of vegetarianism that most people are simply unaware of.

That being said, different people often subscribe to various forms of vegetarianism. Basically, true vegetarians do not eat any type of meat at all. This rule also applies to chicken and fish. However, some people consider themselves as semi-vegetarians. This diet entails the elimination of red meat but it does allow you to still consume poultry or fish from time to time.

There are several subcategories to vegetarianism, the first of which are called lacto-ovo vegetarians. Like most vegetarians, they also do not have any meat in their diets, however, they do still consume dairy products and eggs. On the other hand, there are those known as lacto vegetarians. Dairy products are commonplace for this particular diet though they choose not to consume eggs. The opposite is true for ovo vegetarians, however, as they eat eggs but have sworn off all types of dairy products.

Perhaps the strictest form of vegetarianism is known as veganism. For this diet, all types of animal products are excluded. This includes everything from eggs and dairy products to honey and even gelatin. It is also worth noting that some macrobiotic diets fall under this category. However, some practitioners even take it one step further by also restricting their consumption of refined and processed foods which contain preservatives, caffeine, and stimulants.

Needless to say, you will need to have a proper understanding of the different kinds of vegetarianism if you wish to become a vegetarian yourself. Hopefully, this was able to shed some light on the issue.

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