Unchained momentum continues Nov. 28

We had one of our busiest days ever during BuyCincy’s Cincinnati Unchained event this past Saturday. Supporters of Sierra Club Miami Group, which received 15 percent of our Unchained sales, and other shop-local supporters kept the store full most of the day. One woman said she hit all 45+ participating stores. That’s a lot of shop-local love.

The Unchained movement continues the day after Thanksgiving 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Nov. 28 in Over-the-Rhine during Holidays in the Bag. Participating stores are offering 20 percent off everything you can fit into a special neighborhood shopping bag ($3), purchased at the Gateway Quarter Information Center across from MiCA 12/v. Bag sales benefit Tender Mercies.

Participating stores include:

  1. Park + Vine, 1109 Vine St.
  2. City Roots, 1133 Vine St.
  3. MiCA 12/v, 1201 Vine St.
  4. The Little Mahatma, 1205 Vine St.
  5. Switch Collection, 1207 Vine St.
  6. Incredible Creations, 1209 Vine St.
  7. Metronation, 1213 Vine St.
  8. Joseph Williams Home, 1232 Vine St.
  9. A Lucky Step, 1220 Vine St.
  10. OUTSIDE, 16 E. 12th St.

Be sure to leave room for coffee, lunch, or a cocktail at Enzo’s 1106 Race St.; Lavomatic, 1211 Vine St.; Coffee Emporium, 110 E. Central Parkway; Mixx Ultra Lounge, 1203 Main St.; or Below Zero Lounge, 1122 Walnut St.

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