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It is never recommended to consume highly processed foods. Here, we offer you a list of foods that can substitute your non-vegan diet! These substitutes can help you with the transition phase.

Milk Substitutes
• Hemp milk, it contains complete protein.
• Soy milk
• Almond milk, contains low sugar and calories.
• Cashew milk
• Rice milk, non-allergenic.
• Oat milk

Egg Substitutes
• Ground flaxseed eggs
• Chia seed eggs
• Cornstarch eggs
• Arrowroot eggs
• Chickpea flour eggs
• Applesauce and bananas
• Tofu
• Aquafaba, a liquid from a cooked chickpea.

Sweeteners Substitutes
• Unprocessed stevia
• Organic maple syrup
• Blackstrap molasses
• Zulka

Plant-Based Meat Substitutes
• Tempeh, from soy.
• Seitan, wheat meat.
• Chickpeas
• Organic, non-GMO tofu

Whole Grains
• Quinoa
• Brown rice
• Farro
• Bulgur

You may also add these seasonings in your cupboard!
• Dried basil
• Dried rosemary
• Dried oregano
• Dried thyme
• Cumin
• Red pepper flakes
• Rice vinegar
• Siracha
• Onion powder
• Ground ginger
• Ground chipotle
• Low sodium soy sauce

When going to a shopping, make sure to check the nutritional facts content of some products. Buy those foods that are fresh. We should be more focused on being a healthy transition to a vegan diet.

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