Vegan: How to Be?

Becoming a vegan is a long process. Can you imagine yourself having a no meat, eggs or dairy diet? Prior to going through that diet transformation, you should know what being a vegan should be. You do not have to rush the transition. It will need more time to get ...
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Shopping List of a Vegan

It is never recommended to consume highly processed foods. Here, we offer you a list of foods that can substitute your non-vegan diet! These substitutes can help you with the transition phase. Milk Substitutes • Hemp milk, it contains complete protein. • Soy milk • Almond milk, contains low sugar ...
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Vegan Essentials

The following are the must-have vegan essentials for every kitchen, these make meals delicious and healthy! Nuts Nuts can provide you a healthier and longer life. It is a must-have in the kitchen since it is excellent for the heart. You can put nuts into salads, pesto, and other meal ...
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Vegan Nutrition: Read the Food Label

Nutrition facts label are required for packaged foods. The basis for the nutrition facts are based on the variety of dietary targets. Vegan practice has reached 8 million in population, and almost 23 million people follow a diet that is incline with veganism. For vegetarian products, there is a mandatory ...
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Vegan: Health Benefits

Veganism refers to the people who abstain animal-based products or animal-derived ingredients. Their concerns in consuming only plant-based products involve their health concerns, religious beliefs, and ethical values. A vegan lifestyle can affect the holistic health of a person. The enumerated benefits are claimed by some reputable nutritionist and health ...
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