Construction may stall Riverside Drive bike lanes

Bike lanes scheduled to be installed on Riverside Drive last summer were postponed until this year because Duke Energy was going to do work in the area. City of Cincinnati Department of Transportation has learned that there may be some construction occurring on I-471 in the near future, so officials are considering “indefinitely postponing” the bike lane project on Riverside Drive. Note: Riverside may not be able to handle the extra traffic if DOTE removes a travel lane to install bike lanes.

Riverside Drive existing conditions. Image: City of Cincinnati

Riverside Drive existing conditions. Image: City of Cincinnati

Postponing the bike lane project is unfair for two reasons:

  1. There is no guarantee that substantial I-471 traffic would shift to Riverside Drive;
  2. East End already deals with commuters speeding through their neighborhood on a daily basis. It’s time for DOTE to make Columbia Parkway the obvious alternative for motor vehicle commuters by going ahead with this project, which will reduce traffic and speeding in a residential area

East End community wants this bike lane project to happen, and I believe that they are contacting council-members this week. So now is a good time for the cycling community to speak up and let City Council and DOTE Director Michael Moore know that they want to see this project happen this spring.


Michael Moore
801 Plum St. Rm 450
Cincinnati, OH 45202-1979
Phone: (513) 352-3303
Fax: (513) 352-6246


E-mail all Council Members:

Vice Mayor Roxanne Qualls
City Hall, Suite 352
Phone: 513-352-3604

President Pro-Tem Cecil Thomas
City Hall, Suite 356
Phone: 513-352-3499
Fax: 513-352-3218

Laure Quinlivan
City Hall, Suite 349
Phone: 513-352-5303
Fax: 513-352-4657

Chris Seelbach
City Hall, Suite 350
Phone: 513-352-5210
Fax: 513-352-5229

Yvette Simpson
City Hall, Suite 346B
Phone: 513-352-5260
Fax: 513-352-5265

P.G. Sittenfeld
City Hall, Suite 354
Phone: 513-352-5270
Fax: 513-352-5287

Christopher Smitherman
City Hall, Suite 346A
Phone: 513-352-3464
Fax: 513-352-3407

Charlie Winburn
City Hall, Suite 351
Phone: (513) 352-5354
Fax: (513) 352-5367

Wendell Young
City Hall, Suite 348
Phone: 513-352-3466
Fax: 513-352-3957

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