CitiRama 2014 could force relocation of Eco Garden

Organizers of Eco Garden at 1718 Main St. in Over-the-Rhine are concerned they could be forced to relocate. The city’s Livable Communities Committee last week recommended that the Eco Garden lot be relocated to a larger spot so the site can be assembled for CitiRama. The city of Cincinnati owns the land, which it leases to Civic Garden Center.

Last week in a CityBeat story, Angela Ebner, executive director with Permaganic, commented, “We think they’re (CitiRama) interested in working with us because we think they’re interested in working with that demographic of eco-friendly people. I’m pretty certain they’ll be accepting of the fact that we do a really good job of reflecting the needs and values of people in the community,” she says.

Supporters of Permaganic and the Eco Garden are concerned that moving the garden would disrupt the food that has grown on the site since 1998, as well as the neighborhood kids who see the space as a “home away from home.”

Eco Garden supporters are waiting to hear from the city in hopes of moving forward on a compromise. Meanwhile, here’s what you can do to help support the eco garden:

Write a letter of support
Let Cincinnati City Council know that you place a high value on the location of the Eco Garden and the kids it serves


  • stable sense of place for transient and high-need population of youth
  • ideal location for Rothenberg students to continue gardening all summer
  • teenage interns take pride in the garden that they have created
  • priceless volunteer sweat-equity in building shelters and installing perennials
  • enhances green image Cincinnati wants to uphold

Speak at City Hall
Eco Garden organizers are making a presentation to the city noon Tuesday, March 5 at City Hall, 801 Plum St. Last week, 22 supporters spoke in favor of the garden at Livable Communities Committee meeting

Sign online petition</strong>

For more information on Eco Garden project, watch this video

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