Cincinnati’s new vegan confectionery

Clark and Minnie’s Vegan Confectionery Co. is a vegan-owned business in Cincinnati whose owners are sweets enthusiasts with a special fondness (OK, “obsession” is more accurate) for doughnuts and ice cream. Clark and Minnie’s makes doughnuts and ice cream that rival traditional non-vegan versions. They offer both traditional varieties made with quality ingredients, from Madagascar vanilla in plain vanilla glazed doughnuts to quality dark chocolate in chocolate ice cream. Quirky varieties include S’more doughnuts and Cold Fudge Sundae ice cream.

They spent months perfecting their doughnut dough and ice creams, leaving out eggs and dairy (and the cholesterol that comes with them!) without sacrificing flavor or texture. Whether you crave traditional, nostalgic sweets or eccentric new treats, Clark and Minnie’s has something you will surely love.

Doughnuts are delivered fresh 9 a.m. Wednesday, Friday and Saturday to Park + Vine. Ice cream is stocked when available starting Sunday, June 10.

Clark and Minnie's Vegan Confectionery Co.

Clark and Minnie's Vegan Confectionery Co.

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