Cincinnati’s recycling program in jeopardy

Cincinnati City Council is considering eliminating the city’s recycling program. It’s time for the citizens of our great city to step up and notify Mayor Mark Mallory and Cincinnati City Council that they support recycling in Cincinnati. There are two quick and easy things you can do:

  1. Copy-and-paste the letter posted here and send it to the Mayor and City Council at the addresses provided
  2. Sign the petition to implement the proposed enhanced recycling program, which will divert more than 37,000 tons of material from the waste stream each year, at Park + Vine

Dear Mayor and Cincinnati City Council,

I would like to show my support of the city of Cincinnati’s recycling program and its proposed enhancements. Recycling is an essential service. It goes hand-and-hand with waste services. It diverts waste from the landfill and it does so in a cost-effective and environmentally sound manner. It secures employment and grows our economy, too.

Currently, more than 40 percent of Cincinnatians participate in the city’s recycling program, diverting more than 12,000 tons from the landfill. With the implementation of the enhanced program, and providing everyone in the city with the tools to recycle, Cincinnati will have the opportunity to divert more than 37,000 tons of material from the waste stream each year, saving the city an estimated $4.6 million in tipping fees over the next 10 years.

Implementing the enhanced recycling program would help chip away at the city’s growing budget deficit, as it is projected to save the city $20,000 in 2009, $240,000 in 2010, and $29,000 in 2011. Additionally, residents would have more than $200 in additional spending power each year, with the potential of injecting $20 million back in the local economy, by adopting the RecycleBank program in which retailers pay for discounts and free merchandise to be used as incentives for active recyclers.

I am proud to support the city’s recycling program to ensure the city remains fiscally and environmentally responsible, and formally requested City Council approve implementing the proposed enhanced recycling program.


Mayor Mark Mallory
801 Plum St. Rm 150
Cincinnati, OH 45202-1979
Phone: (513) 352-3250
Fax: (513) 352-5201

Vice Mayor David Crowley
801 Plum St. Rm 356
Cincinnati, OH 45202-1979
Phone: (513) 352-2453
Fax: (513) 352-2365

Y. Laketa Cole
801 Plum St. Rm 351
Cincinnati, OH 45202-1979
Phone: (513) 352-3466
Fax: (513) 352-3957

Jeff Berding
801 Plum St. Rm 350
Cincinnati, OH 45202-1979
Phone: (513) 352-3283
Fax: (513) 352-3289

Chris Bortz
801 Plum St. Rm 348
Cincinnati, OH 45202-1979
Phone: (513) 352-3255
Fax: (513) 3264

Greg Harris
801 Plum St. Rm 346B
Cincinnati, OH 45202-1979
Phone: (513) 352-5303
Fax: (513) 352-4657

Leslie Ghiz
801 Plum St. Rm 354
Cincinnati, OH 45202-1979
Phone: (513) 352-3344
Fax: (513) 352-3277

Chris Monzel
801 Plum St. Rm 352
Cincinnati, OH 45202-1979
Phone: (513) 352-3653
Fax: (513) 352-4649

Roxanne Qualls
801 Plum St. Rm 346A
Cincinnati, OH 45202-1979
Phone: (513) 352-3604
Fax: (513) 352-3621

Cecil Thomas
801 Plum St. Rm 349
Cincinnati, OH 45202-1979
Phone: (513) 352-3499
Fax: (513) 352-3218

4 thoughts on “Cincinnati’s recycling program in jeopardy

  1. I think there is a typo in the letter above: shouldn’t it be $24,000 in 2010, not $240,000?

    Thanks, Dan, for letting us know about the possible threat to the recycling program! We’ll get a copy of the letter out this weekend.

  2. You’re welcome for the information, Allison. Actually, the $240,000 number is correct. It’s accurate, based on numbers from the Office of Environmental Quality and Rumpke.

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